Attention: Homeowners, Landlords, Real Estate Investors

Company Needs Houses To Rent For 3+ Years Then Buy!

We require properties in Edmonton and surrounding areas such as Leduc, Spruce Grove, Stony Plain, St. Albert, Sherwood Park, Beaumont and more.

We help YOU make more money on the sale of your home, while at the same time help someone else get into homeownership.

Here's what you receive when you put your home in our program...

  • GUARANTEED* Purchase Price

*So you will know how much you will make on the sale of the home

  • Repair GUARANTEE*

*​​All maintenance and repairs under $1000 PER INSTANCE covered by our company, so you don’t have to worry about where to get the money for unexpected issues or upkeep to the home.


*Company can GUARANTEE rent EVEN if our clients do not pay. Who else Guarantees your rent??

  • Process Managed

So you don't have to be on call day or night, or deal with any of the responsibilities

We have clients looking for houses, town homes, condos, duplexes to rent 3+ years then purchase at the end of the Lease.

Here's Why It's Better To Work With Us Than Just Renting Or Selling Your Home TODAY!...

  • Your Offer Will Be Close To Fair Market Value

Your House PURCHASED at the end of the lease term at a GUARANTEED Price, so you don’t have to wonder how much you will make on the sale of the home

  • Someone Else Paying Down Your Mortgage To Grow Your Equity

You get to take advantage of the #1 reason every person invests in real estate... you get to have someone else pay down your mortgage and have MORE Equity when you sell the property in the future.

  • Quality Clients

We only work with, and allow, QUALITY CLIENTS into your home who care for your property, reducing the chances of any major damage.

  • A Long-Term Lease Agreement

A long-term lease agreement (anywhere from 3-5 years), allowing you to gain future equity from the mortgage pay down

  • Everything Managed For You

Management of process and responsibilities handled by our company, so you don’t have to be on call day or night.

  • Additional Insurance

Additional interior and hazard insurance to make sure you have additional coverage from an accident caused by the tenant.

  • Covering Damages

Should, for any reason, our client do any damage to the property and not purchase the home then our company, in accordance with our agreements, will cover the cost to get the home in the same condition we received the home initially..

Clients Choose Us

We are number one in this business and we were chosen by a lot of homeowners needing our help. Give us a chance to help you to!

Our Solution Helps Homeowners/Landlords Looking To Sell Your Home, But Who...

  • Need your mortgage to get paid down further

  • Look to make more from the sale of home

  • Face mortgage payout penalties to sell today

  • Have very little equity and will lose it if you sell today

  • Have a home that is for sale and not selling

  • Can't afford to reno the home before selling

Being A Landlord Can Be Risky

Picking The Ideal Tenant Is The Key To Success

There are professional companies that manage thousands of units that still pick the wrong tenants and end up with nothing but headaches and costly expenses.

Here Are Some Typical Things You May Deal With When You Do It Yourself...

  • Non-payment of rent or chasing tenants for money

  • Late night calls for repairs and paying for maintenance

  • Tenants who move out with no notice or constant turnover

  • Tenants who don't respect or care for your property

  • Paying for vacant property or paying to fix after tenant moves out

  • Spending all your personal time to manage the property

Selling Price Is Important!

Sell You Home For Close To Fair Market Value

Price is an important concern for home owners looking to sell their home the traditional way. Selling through a realtor is full of uncertainty. You don't know what kind of offers you will receive, how long it's going to take, nor do you know how much you get to put into your pocket at the end of the deal.

No Real Estate Solution exists that GUARANTEES your rent, pays the repairs and maintenance of your home, plus guarantees to put more money in your pocket when the home sells, while managing the entire process for you... UNTIL NOW!

Client Pockets Close To $60,000 More Putting Her Home In Our Program!

The Client (Bolla) NEVER had any missed or late rent payments for 3.5 years, NEVER had any Repairs and Maintenance Expenses, NEVER had any Management Responsibilities, there were NO Price Negotiations when the house was sold (Price was guaranteed), and she received a Quick Close.

  • Saved A Minimum $9,100 in Rental Expenses - Since the client did not have to worry about non payment of rent, tenants damaging the property, general upkeep, headaches of management responsibilities she was able to save money on many of the typical rental expenses - Vacancy, Repairs, Maintenance, Mgt

  • Guaranteed Price And Quick Sale Added $20k To Her Pocket - Unlike the traditional sale where buyers are negotiating on the price and it usually takes 5-6 months from time Tenant Leaves, to fixing home to make it show ready, to selling and Getting Money from the sale, the client's house had a guaranteed price was based on FMV and closed with zero vacancy.

  • ADDED Over $30,000 MORE of Equity - As a result of the home being in the program for 3.5 years and the mortgage getting paid down each and every month, the client was able to add $30k MORE in her pocket when the sale was complete.

Side By Side Comparison!

Compare some of the TRUE and HIDDEN Costs associated with Renting your home then Selling it through the traditional method VS putting your home in our program.

Typical Rent Then Sell Process

  • Vacancy: 1 - 1.5 Months Vacancy per year

    • Zero income + You pay mortgage, tax, insurance, condo/hoa fees, all the utilities

    • Costs estimates between $4.5k-$7.5k+ for 3 year term

  • Repairs and maintenance: during the lease PLUS between tenants

    • Re-paint, electrical, plumbing, flooring, yard work, furnace and carpet cleaning, damaged or broken appliances etc.

    • Costs between $6k-$7.5k+ for 3 year term

  • Property Management: 10% collected from monthly rent payment, plus fees for showing, screening and filling tenants.

    • Costing you between $5k-$10k+ for 3 year term

  • Sales price drop and negotiation: Lose 5-10% of asking price

  • Vacancy of the home during the sales process for 4-6 months: Costing you $9k to $12k+

  • Getting the home show ready after tenants leave, costing you between $5k-$20k

  • Mortgage payout penalty, 3 months payment or more: Costing $3k-$6k+

Work With Us!

  • GUARANTEED Rent Program - Our company can pay guaranteed rental price even if our clients don't pay. Save $4.5k to $7.5k+

  • Our company responsible for all repairs and maintenance under $1,000 - Save $6k to $7.5k+

  • Entire Process Management: we manage every aspect without taking % off rental income, or fees for showing, screening and filling tenants. Saving $5k-$10k+

  • Guaranteed Purchase Price: Priced near today's Fair Market Value

  • The buyer is living in the home so it doesn’t sit vacant during the sales process. Save $9k to $12k+

  • The buyer is living in the home and is buying it “as is”at the time of the sale. Save $5k-$20k

  • Time purchase with mortgage renewal: Saving $3k-$6k+

Here's What You Receive When You Put Your Home In Our Program!

  • Rent Paid Every Month Guaranteed By Our Company - So you never have to worry or stress about coming up for money to pay 2 mortgages

  • A Long Term Lease, 3+ Years - Allowing you to gain future equity from the tenant's paying down the mortgage

  • Quality Tenants In And Caring For The Property - We Are Your Tenants! Reducing the chances of any damage to your property.

  • Management Handled By Our Company - So you don't have to be on call day or night, or deal with any of the responsibilities

  • Repairs under $1000 per instance covered - So you never have to worry or stress about unexpected expenses during the lease

  • Additional Interior and Hazard Insurance - To make sure you are covered in the advent there is an accident caused by the tenant

  • Guaranteed Purchase Price For Your Home - So you will know how much you will make on the sale of the home

See for yourself how you can benefit when you put your home in our program!

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